Talk and Listen


There is this notion that says – “experience is the best teacher.” I don’t believe in that notion anymore because I believe experience sometimes leaves us with little or no opportunity to make things right. It either jeopardizes or leaves an unforgettable scar. I would rather advice that one observes and learn from others mistake. Learn from the story I’m about sharing with you and circumvent the mistakes I made.

It was a class filled with “freshers” as we were called been newly admitted into the institution. My blood was still hot, I have heard a lot about universities and I’ve already made a decision to have my name flying about in every mouth in my college as the best student. Not a bad decision but I took a wrong measure.

I thought the best way to achieve this was to make my course mates notice me. I was always in a hurry to answer questions in class, even without thinking and reasoning the questions through. I just needed to stand up and be noticed.
I tried to set myself above, walking with my shoulders high. I treated those that came to seek my help in academics with contempt. I taught them but with disdainful words.

My mouth was always open and before long, I got the attention I was dying for. I was also made the course representative. I became so full of myself, but there was this girl who seemed quite intelligent also but more reserved. She answer questions tactfully probably because she doesn’t rush them like I usually do. I do call her “four-eye” because she puts on glasses. She normally comes to me to put her through in academics stuffs she didn’t quite understand. So, I felt I was better than her too.

There were times I do get confused with some calculations but I felt reluctant to seek for help because it will hurt my self pride. I also felt that if I didn’t grab something, that means that nobody else did.

•What a rotten mindset! Great men are men who learn always

When our first semester result came out, I ran to the college board to check my result, expecting my name to be at the top but alas! I came third from the list with a G.p of 4.46. Guess who came first? – the “four-eye” lady with a G.p of 4.97. You can tell how I felt, the shame that sang and followed me behind. Every laughter from behind, registered in my mind as mockery from people. At that moment, everything I have tried to circumvent ;the shame, the embarrassment, the mockery, all bounced back on me.

It was then that my foolishness dawned on me and I understood her strategy.
°She took from me always, adding to the knowledge she already had – that’s why she did better than I.
°I talked more than I ever listened but she was more of a listener to a talkative like me.
°I gave out constantly, without bothering to take in – that’s where I failed.
°I cleared all her confusion in academics while I kept piling mine – that was my pitfall.

Her name rested on every mouth in the department. Students shifted their eyes from me and ran to her for academic help. I lost the respect to her.
She gained her respect without fighting for it because she did let her result speak for her.

Sometimes, you need to keep quite and let your result in life speak for you. Seek for respect by doing the right thing. Don’t seek for recognition, respect brings instant recognition but recognition without respect is vain.

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