Most of the hard-rock people face in their marriage is because of their relationship foundation. A relationship founded on lies and pretense will never produce a happy marriage.

Mrs Abigail when she was called to address the younger women told them about her love story and concluded with – “the man I married and the man he is now are two different personality.”
What kills most marriage today is because during their relationship phase, they failed to be their real selves. They try to be someone they are not to impress their partner.

Some persons put on a different “them” to prove to their spouse to be that they are the right person thereby most times hiding the real them. Avoid pretense and lies in relationships.

A man in his late twenties somewhere in Lagos never fails to send a lovely morning message to his fiancé but everything ceased after he married her – why ?

Another man in his late thirties somewhere in the middle east bends to pick anything dropped mistakenly by his fiancé but after marriage, he can’t help pick up her handbag even when she’s heavy with a baby – why?

A petty woman somewhere in the west will kneel to apologize to her prospective husband when she errs but after marriage, the word “I’m sorry” dies from her lips – why?

Why do people put in their best during relationship but puts in little effort after marriage.
If people will guide their marriage the same way they guide their relationship… There will be less broken homes.

If you want a lovely marriage – be true to yourself during the relationship face so that you both can go your separate ways if you guys are not compatible. Stop making people into believing you are who you know you aren’t.

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