Are you wondering what the above implies? I can feel your inquisitiveness from here.
Hang on, I’ll tell you what that means.
Many heart has been broken because they failed to “DTR”
Many high hopes has been scattered because the person involved failed to “DTR”.
My dear, to avoid stories that touches the heart ask for a “DTR” if you’re confused about the relationship.
There are persons who have A1 in confusing hearts. You can never tell their stand with you and yet their presence scares others away from coming close. Just like a brother who is over protective of their sisters, no matter the kind of love they shower on her, they can never marry her yet they won’t allow suitors to come close.
You just smiled and nodded (I can feel that). Looks like you’re experiencing that right now in your relationship.


Yes! If you’re confused, instead of hanging on in assumption that yes he’s the one, better ask him for a “DTR”.
Stop building high hopes if you are not sure to avoid stories that concerns the heart.
Miss Jenifer built her hopes on Henry who was very close yo her. She felt that since he calls her always, texts her often, and visits her that he might be interested in her. She placed all her attention on him, thinking she was already in a relationship with him until she saw his wedding invitation card.
She confronted him and guess what he said? – “I just like your person, nothing more attached.” Imagine the kind of emotional trauma she passed through but that could have been circumvented if she asked for a “DTR”
My dear, stop assuming, Define The Relationship and be on the safe side.

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