Grace Mate


If you want to punish me, give me notes to write – I detest writing notes.

During my secondary education, I barely do write notes. The truth is that my notes are always scanty, almost empty. The little writings you may see in my notes maybe the ones I jotted down during note dictation. I prefer writing notes being dictated than writing it from the board or another notebook.
You can call that an indolent attitude but that was me back then during school.

But guess what? I was the best student when it comes to academics. I was well known and loved by teachers. I went to countless competitions for my school and trust me, I can’t go for any competition without securing at the least a second position.

What was the secret?

I knew my academics grace – confused? Read on

I don’t know if any of my classmate then was observant enough to notice that once a teacher enters our class to teach that I was always paying rapt attention while jotting some necessary points.

Now see my secret?

I was never a “back sitter” – never!
My desk was in the first row where I can observe everything going on in class. I paid rapt attention and jotting was something I never failed to do. You can’t get my attention when a class is going on. You can never catch me discussing during a class – never!

I didn’t have a note then but I had this big notebook which I used in jotting during classes and that’s what I do read for my exams.
I believed that teachers do give out more points while teaching than what they have in their note.

I understood my grace; I finds it hard grabbing notes but understands easier the notes I make myself through jotting.

I remember a classmate of mine walking up to me to ask me how I remained the best even without any note to read for exams – she wanted to know my little secret. I told her though, but I know that if she should try practicing that, she might end up loosing it all.
Why? – that might not be her grace, so it might not carry her through.

We do submit our notes at the end of each term for marking which had 5marks attached to a complete note, so I had to study extra for my examination and do all my assessments to cover up for the note marks that I do miss since I never had a complete not to submit.

That was my little secret in remaining the best even with no note and note extra marks.

•I understood my capacity and capability.

Why most students fails to do well is because they have failed to recognize their academic grace.

•If you are the type that takes a longer period to assimilate – then start on time to read.

•If you find it hard to cram notes – use acronyms that will help you remember.

You might be age mates with some persons but you can never be grace mates.

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